Our company was selected as a national specialized and special new ”little giant" enterprise

2020-12-08 00:00:00 浙江荣泰科技企业有限公司 Viewd 2104

Recently, the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Announcement on the list of the second batch of specialized and special new ”Little Giants" Enterprises.Nine companies in Jiaxing are on the list, and our company is on the list.

The “little Giant” enterprise specializing in special new products is a leader among small and medium-sized enterprises specializing in special new products. It is a vanguard enterprise focusing on market segments, strong innovation ability, high market share, mastering key core technologies, and excellent quality and efficiency.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology plans to use three years (2018-2020) to cultivate about 600 specialized and new “little giants” enterprises.The national-level ”little giant" enterprise is the highest-level and most authoritative honorary title in the evaluation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country.

Our company is one of the first batch of “key enterprise technology innovation teams” in Jiaxing City. It has always insisted on promoting enterprise development with scientific and technological innovation. It has successively established a series of innovation platforms such as “Provincial Enterprise Research Institute”, “Tsinghua University-Rongtai New Materials Research and Development Center”, and “Zhejiang Postdoctoral Workstation”; It has been rated as a demonstration enterprise of technological innovation in Zhejiang Province and a new “invisible champion” enterprise of Zhejiang Province. This time, it was rated as a national specialized and special new “Little Giant” enterprise, which is a full affirmation and commendation of our company's work. Rongtai will cherish it, never forget its original intention, and move forward!


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