Casting & Potting Resins

Casting&Potting Resins

Casting &potting resins can enhance the integrity of electronic devices, improve their resistance to external impact and vibration, prevent direct exposure of components and circuits, and provide waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, thermal conductivity, confidentiality, corrosion resistance, and temperature resistance properties.

  • General Types

    They include three types: epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone, predominantly with double-component . They can be categorized into two types based on the curing method: ambient curing and heat curing. They can also be divided in various types based on their performance, such as flame retardant, thermal conductive, and low modulus. Rongtai Technology is a professional epoxy resin supplier and wholesaler for electric insulating.

  • For Rotating Motors

    They are mainly epoxy resin-based , including some silicone-based potting products. They possess excellent flow-ability, high penetration, low shrinkage, resistance to thermal shocks, good thermal conductivity, and high heat resistance,which are suitable for potting various types of motors.

  • For Linear Motors

    It has the characteristics of good fluidity, low shrinkage, low coefficient of linear expansion, resistance to cold and thermal shock, and high thermal conductivity.It is suitable for pouring and packaging of various types of linear motors.

  • For Power Transformers

    They cover the potting of small electronic components and the casting of large dry-type transformer coils. With good flow-ability and excellent insulation performance,they are especially characterized by low shrinkage and good crack resistance.

  • For Special Field
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