Impregnating Insulation Varnish

Impregnating Insulation Varnish

They’re suitable for the insulation impregnation process of various types of electrical equipments, including motors, appliances, transformers etc. They can be used for common dipping, continuous dipping,trickle dipping,vacuum impregnation,VPI,and other methods. Customization and development of specialized products can also be done according to customer requirements.

  • For Small Motors

    Our products offer a wide range of varieties and have strong applicability. They also excel in electrical performance, catering to various requirements for insulation treatment in small motors.Among them, water-based varnish meets environmental requirements, while epoxy varnish and unsaturated polyester varnish demonstrate exceptional performance.

  • For Big Motors&Generators

    Our product range is diverse, meeting various requirements for insulation treatment in different types of large motors. Among them, the environmental friendly oil-based paint exhibits high hanging capacity, low loss rate, high bond strength after curing, and excellent electrical performance.

  • Water Based Types

    Water-based insulating varnish, diluted with water as a solvent, features as light odor, good safety, and compliance with national environmental policies. They’re divided into two categories: water-soluble and water-emulsion.

  • Environmental-Friendly Types

    The environmental-friendly impregnating insulating varnishes (resin), including water-based and oil-based types, comply with international environmental policies. They  achieve the purpose of improving the working environment and reducing environmental pollution.

  • For EV/HEV Motors

    They are suitable for new energy motors to process insulation treatment such as dip impregnation, trickle impregnation, roll impregnation, and vacuum impregnation etc.Meanwhile,they’re typically supplied in a single-component form and exhibits excellent storage stability.

  • For Other Special Fields

    They are specially formulated impregnating insulating varnishes developed primarily for specific fields with unique properties, which can be used for insulation impregnation treatment of products such as microwave oven transformers and reactors.

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