Specialize in special new refining to become the "invisible champion”

2019-12-23 00:00:00 浙江荣泰科技企业有限公司 Viewd 845

In February 2017, the General Office of the Provincial Government issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of ”Specialized, Special and New“ for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises” (Zhejiang Government Office issued [2017] No. 15), which clearly pointed out that small, medium and micro enterprises should take the road of “specialized, high-quality, characteristic and innovative” development, marking the development of “specialized, special and new” for small, medium and micro enterprises in our province and the cultivation of "invisible champions" have been rolled out in front of the province.

In 2017, on the basis of declaration and recommendation, the Provincial Economic and Information Commission commissioned a service agency to visit and comprehensively evaluate the applicant companies, and identified 23 “invisible champion” companies and 260 “invisible champion” cultivation companies.Among them, there are only 2 places in Jiaxing City. Zhejiang Rongtai Technology Enterprise Co., Ltd. was rated as one of the “invisible Champion” enterprises in Jiaxing City with its own excellent strength.




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