What is insulating paint?

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Insulating paint is a kind of special paint in the paint class.Insulating paint is an important insulating material based on a high molecular polymer that can be cured into an insulating film or an insulating whole under certain conditions. It is coated on electrical components to provide electrical, mechanical and environmental protection, and together with other insulating materials, it forms an insulating system.

According to the classification of the use and form of the paint, the insulating paint can be divided into impregnated paint, covering paint, magnetic paint, silicon steel sheet paint, enameled wire paint and wire-clad wire paint.

According to the classification of the heat-resistant grade of the paint, the insulating paint can be divided into grade 105, grade 120, grade 130, grade 155, grade 180, grade 200, grade 220 and grade 250.


1. Impregnated paint

Insulating impregnated paint is a general term for solvent-impregnated paint, water-based impregnated paint and solvent-free impregnated resin. It is mainly used for insulating and impregnating motor and electrical coils to fill the voids and pores of coils, trunks or other insulated objects, and bond the coil wire insulation into an insulating whole. , And form a continuous insulating coating on its surface to improve the electrical properties, mechanical properties, thermal conductivity and environmental resistance of the entire insulation system.

Insulating impregnated paint can be divided into three categories: solvent-impregnated paint, water-based paint and solvent-free paint.Solvent paint is a solution in which one or more polymers are dissolved in a volatile inactive solvent.Since water is a special non-reactive liquid, it has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-combustible, low price, and environmental protection. In order to distinguish paints that use water as a solvent from general organic solvent paints, a single category is called water-based paints, and what is commonly referred to as solvent-based paints becomes the abbreviation of organic solvent paints.Solvent-free paint is composed of a polymer resin and an active diluent (styrene, etc.) that can participate in the reaction. It has now been developed into a pure resin system without any diluent.

2. Cover paint

The covering paint is made of liquid resin, coloring pigments, physical pigments, various additives, etc. after grinding and treatment. It is suitable for coating various motors, electrical appliances, and windings. An insulating protective layer with uniform thickness is formed on its surface to prevent the insulation of equipment from mechanical damage and atmospheric and chemical erosion. , In order to improve the moisture resistance, insulation, chemical gas corrosion resistance, arc resistance, etc. of machine parts, in special environments, it is necessary to meet the requirements of cold resistance and three-proof.

3. Magnetic paint

Enamel, also known as enamel, is made from varnish as the base material and ground with pigments. After the coating is dried, it has a magneto-optical color and the coating film is hard, flat and smooth.It is mainly used on the surface of metal, wood, plastic and other substrates to protect, decorate or special technical properties.The magnetic paint is mainly composed of paint base, pigments, additives, etc. The paint base is the non-volatile part of the magnetic paint, which can form a coating film and bond the pigments.The paint base determines the main properties of the enamel, and different paint bases are usually selected according to different use environments and purposes.The enamel film is of high quality, with good hardness, chemical resistance, adhesion and surface effect.The magnetic paint is easy to construct, fast drying speed, good adhesion to a variety of substrates, high mechanical strength of the paint film, good toughness, and good weather resistance, water resistance, mildew resistance, and chemical resistance.It is used for the protection, decoration and insulation of various types of motors, water pumps, electrical appliances, and magnetic materials.

4. Silicon steel sheet paint

Silicon steel sheet is an indispensable and important soft magnetic alloy in the electric power, electronics and military industries. It is the most used in magnetic materials and is also an important metal functional material for energy saving.Silicon steel sheet paint is a covering paint that acts as insulation and protection on the surface of silicon steel sheet.Silicon steel sheet paint is applied to the surface of the silicon steel sheet formed after treatment. It is used to reduce the eddy current loss after lamination and enhance the anti-rust and corrosion resistance. The coating requirements are thin, strong adhesion, hard, smooth, uniform, oil resistance, moisture resistance and excellent electrical properties.Silicon steel sheet paint mainly includes pure organic silicon steel sheet paint, organic solvent-based silicon steel sheet paint containing fillers, water-soluble silicon steel sheet paint and pure inorganic silicon steel sheet paint.

5. Enameled wire paint

Enameled wire paint is mainly used for the coating and insulation of enameled wire cores.Since the wire will be subjected to heat, chemistry and various mechanical forces in the process of winding coils, embedding wires, etc., it is required that the enameled wire paint has good coating properties (that is, it can be evenly coated), strong adhesion of the paint film, smooth, soft and ductile surface, certain wear resistance and elasticity, good electrical properties, heat resistance, solubility, no corrosion to conductors and other characteristics.

6. Wire-wrapped wire paint

Wire-wrapped wire paint is a bonded impregnated paint used in the manufacture of wrapped electromagnetic wires. It is characterized by good film elasticity, strong adhesion, and no conductor corrosion. High-end products also require low heat loss rate and resistance to impregnation resin.

Nowadays, the solvent in most glass wire-coated paints accounts for about 50%, and some are even higher, and most of them use benzene solvents, which cause great harm to human health and the environment, and are currently developing towards low (no) pollution.

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